Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RD Training Systems - This course more than paid for itself

Dear Brokers, Realtors or anyone who has quseetions or is skeptical about this program, this letter is for you!

I am a fairly new realtor and have attended multiple classes, training meetings and seminars but never one with this level of detail!.  I attended the RD Training Systems meeting in Orlando Florida.  I went home and sold 6 homes and listed a waterfront property in my 1st month back! I would say this course more than paid for itself!. Everything you learn is amazing and the ah ha moments are frequent, but I found the marketing and listing presentations to be most important to me.  Proper marketing, follow up and listing presentations have helped me to qualify my customers better, and not waste so much time with shoppers.

For anyone who has qustions or feels the need to ask about this program, please contact me.  I attended this meeting with 3 heavy hitters who I know are killing it! These heavy hitters were skeptical and wondered why I, 6 months as a realtor, was going and I simply told them I want to learn the right way and top their numbers.  They also attended and learned a lot after 16 years in the business.

The RD Training system with RICK KURTZ is SO WORTH IT!

I am so blessed that I went and got to meet these amazing realtors and brokers and have them share their success and how they got here.

Thank you again
Kelly Delfinio